What Are Individual Flare Lashes?

Hot Gyal Individual Cluster Lash
Individual flare lashes are another false lash alternative that is very popular with people who want a more natural look, but are not ready to commit to the cost and time involved with getting individual lash extensions.  Individual flare lashes are a small cluster of lashes bound together at one end in the shape of a V.  They come in knot style and a knot free style. They are made of the highest quality of synthetic fibers and are lightweight...depending on who you buy them from. They are applied to your lash line on top of your lash and if you don't have any lashes they can be applied to your lash line.  These lashes can be worn for about 1- 2 weeks if you are extra cautious. To actually apply the lashes you will need an individual lash adhesive, not the same glue that is used for strip lashes. So be sure to ask for individual flare lash glue at your local hair store or pharmacy. I would suggest using a lash remover solution to take these off...do not pull them out as you may risk damaging your natural lashes. Also, don't be afraid to walk into a salon with your own personal pair of Hot Gyal individual lashes and ask to pay for someone to apply them....this is acceptable.  I hope you found this article helpful. 

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